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Canines, Weimaraners, and Me

September 19, 2015  •  17 Comments

You cannot understand a Weimaraner unless you have cohabitated with one for at least several months, even years.  They are a breed of the canine family that is very special.  Let me say from the outright that they are compatible with very few people.  One must have great patience and forgiveness to share their domain with a Weimaraner.  But in the end, it is well worth the trip.

I have had the privilege to live with Weimaraners for most of my life, since the age of twelve.  That is when I became a devotee of the breed.  I have lived with seven different Weims (all females) in my 68 years.  Each has had a unique personality but each also shares many of the same characteristic behaviors.  You may know them already - circle twice before lying down, rub shoulder on any discovered odorous substance, lie their 70+ pounds of dog in your lap, jump on you on your arrival home, don't dare trim their nails, very stubborn, very observant, yawning (gosh, this repetitive trick request is boring), very expressive of their feelings, lick your face, etc.  My youngest Weim is very engaging with all family members - more so than any other that I can recall. My senior Weim is now over thirteen and half years old.  God bless her.  What a sweetie.  Don't be late one minute in serving her dinner though, or you will be badgered into final submission.

Weims will bring out the mother instinct in any woman.  They are so expressive of their feelings that you just naturally want to caress them.  They were originally bred to sleep side by side with their master and to share your domicile.  As the master of the household, to do otherwise is tantamount to sin.  They want to be with you always and share your ups and downs.  They suffer from separation anxiety.  Be careful leaving them alone. They can totally destroy your home.  But do not berate them afterwards, they are highly sensitive to scolding. You do not want to break their spirit.  That is what makes them so special.  Lose that from your Weim, and it will break your heart.  On your deathbed, you will not remember that destroyed couch.  But you will remember that devoted, spirited Weim.

I suppose you could iterate much of what I have said above about any canine breed.  For what do I know? I have only been a companion to one other dog breed - an English Springer Spaniel.  But some things you just know, and that is the Weimaraner is a special kind of dog.  In their presence, you do not feel that you are with just a dog.  Known as the velcro dog, they follow you everywhere.  I share a small bathroom with junior many times. No, they are not human-like as once touted in the 1950's.  In fact, they are somewhat schizophrentic.  Indoors, yeah, maybe somewhat human-like.  But outdoors, the hunter instinct kicks in, and watch out all you varmints and critters.

The Weimaraner: Full of devotion, love, energy, zest for life, and intelligence.  They are athletic, engaging, and wear their heart and soul on their face.  Watch their ears - they tell you everything about how they feel at the moment.  If you had the time, I could tell you so many stories about each one of my Weims that would amuse you to no end.  But I will not linger on how much that they have enriched my life. They have been my companions for over 55 years.  They are special.

See my image gallery at http://dworr.zenfolio.com/weimaraner.

Update, June 21, 2016: "Maddie, Sweet and Loyal Companion"

D W Orr
Environmentalist, Historic Preservationist, Photographer, and Weimaraner Companion
Harford County, Maryland
September 19, 2015

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Brandy A.(non-registered)
I am in agreement 110%. We have had the many trials and tribulations of owning Weims or so I sometimes think them owning us. Our first one was a saint a complete rule breaker of a “typical” weim. He was my angel and I miss him dearly to this day. Our second one has been a weim to a t. We have had several “issues” with him but he is still a good dog. I will never own another breed. Our first one made sure of that. Your photos are beautiful!
Karen Merrick(non-registered)
It is somewhat refreshing to find another who 'gets' the Weimi, for many don't. In my opinion it is their loss. My husband and I have have owned many dogs during our 38 years together, but none has been so challenging or rewarding as our Weimi. We obtained him by default, our daughter bought him but very quickly found she had neither the patience or understanding to be burdened with such responsibility, so he lived with us for most of his eventful life, including three major operations on his back legs, not that he ever allowed it to slow him down, heaven forbid. During his 11 years I lost count of the number of times he bit me or my husband (we always forgave him), and when he died he left us completely and utterly bereft like no other dog before him. We miss him every day, and my hope is that when comes my time to leave my earthly bounds, that he will be waiting for me on the other side.
I loved reading this, as I know this beautiful breed oh so well! My sister in law's quirky weim prompted us to want our own. We got our sweet Cooper at 8 weeks old, and rescued our goofy Otis at around 1-2 years of age. Otis passed suddenly, just 4 months ago, and the wound of his departure continues to grow. He was around 10-11 years old. Cooper is now 11.5, covered in lipomas, but just as feisty and playful as ever. This breed truly takes a special owner but how gifted we all are to have received a weim's love.
Patricia L Henson(non-registered)
Very nice. I have actually never read a blog but was quite interesting. I love my weim girl Maggie Mae❤
I got my first Weim in 1994 and since have had 3 more, 3 males and 1 female. I fell in love with the breed when I was 6 years old, but it took me many years to get my first one. I can't imagine owing any other breed at this point. What do I love about them ... everything, what do I not like about them ... nothing. I can't imagine life without a Weimaraner in it.
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